Cockle Industry in South West Wales

This collection of images observes the cockle industry in the South West Wales area in the 20th century.
35mm colour slide showing cockle pickers at Penclawdd, Gower, Glamorgan, by Dylan Roberts.
Cockle gathering on Llan-saint beach. Mrs Lettice rees, Llansaint, gorllewin Cymru.
Cockle-gathering tools. A large sieve, a rake and cocses (a bent sickle blade).
Cockle Pickers
Rhian Gay demonstrating a modern version of cockle pie.
A woman selling cockles at Carmarthen Market, c. 1928
Woman selling cockles at Carmarthen Market, about 1930
Selling cockles at Carmarthen Market, 1932
Women selling cockles at Carmarthen Market, c. 1930
Women selling cockles
A view of cockle gatherers and horses on the beach. Women wearing Welsh costumes are amongst the gatherers.
Cockle gathering at Penclawdd in the 1930s.
Picture of cockle gatherers Ferryside
Donkeys waiting to be loaderd with cockles on Ferryside beach
Cockle Gatherers' donkeys, Ferryside
Penclawdd cocklewomen
Photograph: Mrs Lettie Rees Cockle gatherer Llansaint 1955 from the book, Here to Stay published by West Glamorgan Theatre
Photograph: Selling cockles from a van
Photograph: Cockle gathering in Penclawdd
Photograph: Cockle gathering in Penclawdd
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