Cyfarthfa Ironworks and Steelworks

This is a collection of images of Cyfarthfa Ironworks and Steelworks, Merthyr Tydfil. The ironworks were first opened in 1765 by Anthony Bacon and Dr William Brownrigg. However, it would be under the ownership of Richard Crawshay, having taken over ownership in 1786, that the business would rapidly grow. During this time the Cyfarthfa Ironworks became a leading supplier of iron, cannon and cannon balls to the British Navy. The ironworks, and later steelworks, would remain in the ownership of the Crawshay family until the early 20th century, when it was bought by GKN the proprietors of the Dowlais Steelworks.
In the centre of this painting is a 100 ton waterwheel constructed by Richard Crawshay to power four furnaces. This project typifies his use of the latest technology to make Cyfarthfa a world leader in the production of iron. In the background, you can...
The steam locomotive 'Cyfarthfa', was built in 1870 and withdrawn from service in 1896. It was photographed after it was sold to the Crawshay Brothers of Cyfarthfa Ironworks.
Pont y Cafnau (The 'Bridge of Troughs') is a small bridge and water feeder (probably the oldest known iron railway bridge and aqueduct) spanning the River Taff immediately downstream from the junction of Taf Fawr and Taf Fechan. The bridge and aqueduct...
Nepoleonic Carronade, 1802. Probably cast at the Cyfarthfa Iron Works at Merthyr. Popular on ships involved in the slave trade.
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