Christmas cards from the armed forces: First World War

Christmas Cards from the armed forces during The First World War 1915-1919. Aberystwyth Comforts Fund Papers, Christmas and New Year cards received by Sergeant Major Fear from troops and various regiments.

The Aberystwyth Weekly Comforts for Fighters Fund was established in 1915 to provide comforts for Aberystwyth men serving overseas during the First World War. It was founded by Regimental Sergeant Major Thomas Richard Fear, previously of the Grenadier Guards, following a request by a local soldier on behalf of Aberystwyth men for cigarettes to be sent to them whilst posted abroad. Initially, parcels were only sent to local soldiers on active service, but, as funds increased, the provision of comforts was extended to include the wounded.

Cake and chocolates for non-smokers were purchased locally. A card or letter of comfort from Sergeant Major Fear was placed within each parcel and, on occasions, newspapers such as the Cambrian News were included. In some instances, comforts such as socks, mittens and even boxing gloves were also sent. Particular efforts were made at Christmas to send special parcels of Christmas cake, plum pudding, chocolate and cigarettes to all men known to the Fund.-- Between twenty and fifty parcels were dispatched by the Fund every week.

Sending parcels to soldiers posted overseas gradually came to an end following the Armistice in November 1918. 

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Christmas card from H.M.S Thunderer

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Christmas Card from Passchendaele

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Christmas Card from a hospital in France 1918-1919

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Christmas Card from Mesopotamia 1918-1919

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Christmas Card 8th Battalion Machine Gunners 1918

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Christmas Card Welsh Army Corps 1918

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Christmas Card Welsh Army Corps 1917

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Christmas Card 15gh squadron R.F.C

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Christmas Card Ulster Division

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Christmas Card The 30th Division 1917

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Granton Naval Bay Christmas Card

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Christmas Card from Egypt

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2nd Division B.E.F Christmas Card

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Happy Christmas from the Balkans

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H.M.S Chepstow Christmas Card

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Xmas Greetings 7th Division 1916

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Christmas Greeting from 17th Infantry Brigade

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