Fishing in Monmouthshire

Ancient methods of catching fish survived for a long time in Wales, especially in Monmouthshire.

Commercial fishermen in this area used coracles, lave nets, stop nets and woven basket traps (known as putts and putchers) to make a living. These methods were an effective and efficient way of catching fish. However, only the lave net has survived into the 21st century.

This collection was showcased at the 2016 National Eisteddfod as part of Amgueddfa Cymru's contribution to the Lle Hanes stand.

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Wye coracle model

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Woven willow cone-shaped putchers

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Willow made putchers

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William Dew, coracle fishermen.

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Usk coracle paddle

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Image depicting the use of a rod and line from...

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Photograph of a Monmouthshire coracleman

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Lave Fisherman in Monmouthshire

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