The Oral Tradition

Over a thousand years since these legends were first recited, as a modern audience we’re indebted to the oral tradition of storytelling in Wales. Through the narrative of the cyfarwydd (storyteller), as well as the ‘ordinary folk’, much of our culture has been preserved in the form of traditional prose, local myths, supernatural tales, humorous stories and poetry.

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Cantre'r Gwaelod

  • 750
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Twm Ellias narrates legends and how they affect...

  • 560
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Huw Williams talking about picking potatoes

  • 907
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Dennis Roberts memories of local characters

  • 347
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Nesta Thomas recalls pastime activities [Welsh]

  • 573
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Catrin Stevens recalls playing [Welsh]

  • 496
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Oral history of Priscilla Williams, Dwygyfylchi

  • 652
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Mrs Edith May Hughes - oral history

  • 2,141
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Oral history of Ron Watson Jones

  • 595
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Oral history of Leslie Vernon Jones

  • 284
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Mrs Elizabeth John - oral history

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Dafydd Davies-Hughes narrates traditional Welsh...

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