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Collection: 11 items

Rev. Cyril Summers

Collection: 100 items

Portraits from the 19th century

Collection: 23 items

Gwynedd and the War at Sea 1914-18

Collection: 35 items

Roman School

Collection: 10 items

Thomas Hornor - Middleton Hall

Collection: 2 items

Temple of Peace 50th Anniversary

Collection: 15 items

Temple of Peace Opening Ceremony

Collection: 25 items

Elwyn V Jones' Cambrian Railways

Collection: 418 items

Arthur Brook photography

Collection: 39 items

William Burges

Collection: 2 items

Poppies are Global

Collection: 14 items

Poppies and the First World War

Collection: 15 items

Morphine and Medicine

Collection: 7 items

Poppy Symbolism

Collection: 3 items

The Weeping Window

Collection: 17 items

Poppies in nature

Collection: 7 items

Welsh Costume china

Collection: 17 items

Welsh Costume: Rock & Co.

Collection: 22 items

Welsh Costume: Newman (small) set

Collection: 10 items

Jenny Jones