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Photos shown are of the Cwmaman Parade of 1958 Golden Jubilee with saluting man, Honorable John Bruce. Followed by Cwmaman Division 1958 Samuel Page, Janice McCee, Dorothy Griffiths, Sally Perry, Wendy Sage, Gwyneth Rees, Sheila Stephens, Gwilym Phillips. Seated. Pearl Williams, Mair Evans, Jennifer Davies, Alathea Perry. Cwmaman division 1959-60. Seated left to right. Janice Mccee Mair Evans Jennifer Davies Gwyneth Rees. Standing left to right. Dorothy Griffiths, Sally Perry, Wendy Sage, Sheila Stephens. Lastly, a photo of the 1888-1889 Cwmaman Division record of first aid activity in the Village. Examination on the 28th March 1889. First aid classes from 1889 to 1908 when the division was officially registered.

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