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Notes on PEN-LAN UCHAF, Ceredigion 2011

With no obvious track or road leading up to the walls of Pen-lan Uchaf means it has been left alone by the casual and bored vandal. I am unsure how long it has been left empty - it might be 10 years, it could be 30. All the doors and windows were boarded up and there was little point in seeing if there was any access within (it would have been too dark to photograph anyhow since I never use flash for these black and white images). Best let the house and it's secrets in peace.

Due to its secluded spot this house exudes an air of calmness. The sheep had fluttered away as I approached and the cows too had fled but naturally for them they had to return. Their curiosity beating their fear of this stranger. I enjoyed their company and the hour spent at Pen-lan Uchaf was a pleasent one.

If anyone knows anything of this house then please do leave a comment.

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