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Notes on HENGWM HOUSE, Lledrod, Ceredigion 2014

I do not know how many more farmhouses there are to discover in Ceredigion but I expect a very good many. Each have their own pleasures, their own individual nuances and each have their own memories etched into my life. This lovely little property is hidden away and I can only guess, been empty for many a long year.
Only a few exposures were made, maybe I could have taken more, but four seemed the maximum necessary. The morning had changed from cloudless skies to overcast, a few minutes after the visit the clouds did indeed release their outpour and I took much comfort walking away knowing that I had captured a few simple exposures. There is no great skill in taking photographs. I merely put the camera on a tripod, focus and make the exposure. My visit here was brief, maybe fifteen minutes, and I was on my way again. Yet, by the same token, although brief, I only need to view these images to recall a whole host of feelings and therefore emotions. The simple act of photography can be seen as a useful tool for keeping our memories alive.
I did not venture inside the house but peering through the windows I saw it had been used as storage for small bits of farm machinery and tools. I wonder, as ever, who lived here? A large hole was beginning to appear rear of house where the wall had crumbled.

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