This newspaper article from The Times by the historian Geoffrey Alderman discusses the anti-Jewish riots that broke out in South Wales in 1911. Alderman notes that the riots are largely under-researched, suggesting that this might be because the traditional picture of the rioters as simply hooligans is more palatable than the idea that the combination of antisemitic sentiment and poverty could cause "respectable people" to turn against their neighbours. According to the article, there is little doubt that the riots were planned and included a religious element.

A Hebrew congregation was established in Tredegar in 1873. A year later the congregation received a piece of land as a gift, but having no funds to build a wall around the plot, the proposed cemetery was never established. A purpose-built synagogue was erected on Morgan Street in 1884 and it served the congregation until the mid-1940s when regular services in Tredegar ceased. The synagogue was sold in the 1950s and became a residential building.

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Depository: Gwent Archives.

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