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Date: 13 July 1918



Shall we make a peace with traitors,
Shall we parley with those knaves
Who set out for wide-world conquest
And to make mankind their slaves?

Shall we speak of peace with liars,
Looters, murderers, tyrants, ghouls?
Shall we seek of baby-killers
A coward's peace, and lose our souls?

Do we make peace with a tiger
Dripping red with human gore?
Is it peace we ask of cut-throats
Lurking round about our door?

Don't forget the "Lusitania."
Nurse Cavell and Fryatt, too,
Or the fate that Huns awarded
To the "Belgian Prince's" crew?

Would the Prussian ask for peace terms
If he saw a chance to win?
Belgium, France, and Serbia witness
To the fate we'd get from him.

Justice calls aloud for vengeance, in
Freedom asks that tyrants' might
Shall be vanquished, so that nations
May be free to do the right.

Would you lend a hand to hasten
Dawn of such a glorious day?
Grow not weary in the conflict,
Hold on—till victory comes your way!


Jones, Tom. ‘A Clean Peace.’ The Brecon County Times: War Supplement. 13 July 1918. 2.

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