A short story written by Harry Poloway and published in Bimah magazine (The Platform of Welsh Jewry) in September 2004 issue (pp. 6-8). Harry describes a visit to his daughter and son-in-law to celebrate the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot where you build a temporary dwelling for eight days. Poloway talks about his memories of the festival as a child and the new memories he makes on his visit. He notes that there are not many Jewish people living in the area where his daughter lives; however, by the end of the story many other Jewish families join them in celebration. It is a story of how friendly the Jewish community is and how proud Poloway and his family are to be Jewish.

Harry Poloway, master of ceremonies and toastmaster, was born in Newport in 1915. He was a trained electrical engineer and spent time in the Second World War volunteering for the RAF. He is best known as Newport’s legendary Jewish toastmaster, who hosted ceremonies for Nelson Mandela, the Aga Khan, and the Dalai Lama. He was also the official toastmaster for the British Royal Family.

Harry was known for his passionate work in fundraising for charities (he was a prominent member of the Newport's Rotarians club) and his immense support for the local Jewish communities. For his amazing work he received several honours such as an MBE in 2005. Harry died in 2016.

Doreen Jacobs, 'Obituary for Bimah Magazine'; [Accessed 5th July 2018].

Depository: Gwent Archives.

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