Pamphlet No. 7 on The Jewish Home, written by Rabbi Dr L. Gerhard Graf on Jewish home life. Topics include Devotion In The Home, The Sabbath atmosphere, The Festivals -home decor during religious festivals, Family Joy and Sorrow, and The Home - A Sanctuary. Produced by the Association of Synagogues in Great Britain which, in 1957, evolved into the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain (RSGB). Rabbi Dr L. Gerhard Graf was the first Minister of the Cardiff New Synagogue, later known as the Cardiff Reform Synagogue.

The Cardiff Reform Synagogue (CRS) was founded in 1948 as the Cardiff New Synagogue (CNS). The following year, it became a constituent member of the Movement for Reform Judaism. Born in reaction against the more restrictive traditions of the Orthodox Judaism of Cardiff Hebrew Congregation, such as the prohibition of driving on the Sabbath and the ban on interfaith marriages, the new Synagogue appealed to the immigrants who had fled the war-torn Europe, where the Reform movement was already well-established. The congregation worships in a converted Methodist Chapel on Moira Terrace they acquired in 1952.

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Depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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