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Date: 25 December 1915



Aivid A. Frank, a young Swedish fireman, who is now staying at a sailor's lodging-house in St. Mary-street, has had the unusual experience of having his death announced, and his photo reproduced in a Swansea contemporary, as having been drowned off Brest, France.

[portrait of Aivid Frank]

Aivid is still very much alive. The facts gathered from him by our representative, who called on Friday, are that he was fireman on board the "Koophandel," a Norwegian ship, which was sunk last August. Frank was for eight hours in the water before being rescued, with other members of the crew, by a lifeboat. While on the lifeboat, which capsized three times, five of them (who were practically without clothing) succumbed to the cold and exposure, but the remaining seven were picked up by a French steamer and taken to Havre.

Frank, who had injured his foot in the lifeboat, was detained in hospital at Havre for a month. The crew was made up of three Swedes, three Belgians, three Danes, one Norwegian, one Swiss, and one Indian. Of these two Danes, one Norwegian, and one Swiss were drowned.

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