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This key enabled access to a nightclub called SIRS on St. Mary St. Lewis Robinson tells us “Sirs opened during the 1970s and closed sometime in the 1990s. I got a key to ‘Sirs’ in c. 1981 when I moved to Cardiff. ‘Sirs’ was a member’s only club and you had to have a key so you could get into it. It was gay man only club and people were invited to become members. ‘Sirs’ was a one off and a great place to go. I have lots of happy memories there. There was a great sense of freedom going there because everyone could be themselves, you didn’t have to hide who you were or pretend to be someone else. There was a single door to ‘Sirs’ via the street entrance, you needed the key to get into this door. There was no signage or anything to indicate it was ‘Sirs’ so a regular person had no idea there was a gay club there.”

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