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Linda moved to 2 Y Neuadd in the later part of 1952/early 1953 with her parents, Alfred and Margaret Thomas, and her sisters Hazel and Wendy. This was before the mansion had been torn down, and Linda mentioned remembering seeing the old remains, and being encouraged to stay away from them as there were adders living in the rubble. The family moved from the estate in 1957, but returned regularly to Llanarthne to visit family.

Image 1 - shows Linda, Hazel, and Wendy (in that order) in the garden on 2 Y Neuadd with the farm buildings and wall in the background.
Image 2 - shows Linda (on the swing) and Wendy (standing) with the wall that divided the farm from their garden in the background.
Image 3 - Linda, Wendy, and Hazel (in that order) standing by the door that led to the kitchen
Image 4 - shows Margret Thomas (standing right) and Cassie Davies (standing left) in front of the mansion's remains, with Linda, Wendy, and Hazel (in that order) seated in front.
Image 5 - Wendy and a dog.
Image 6 - group photo of many of those living on the estate. Seated in the bottom right is Aldred Thomas, Margret Thomas, and Tudor Smith (left to right). Standing in and unknown elderly man, Cassie Davies holding Diane, and Moldwyn Davies (left to right). Seated in the car bonnet is Wendy Thomas, Hazel Thomas, and Janet Davies (left to right), and on the roof is an unknown boy, Linda Thomas, and Hevina Davies (left to right).

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