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A letter to Mr Thomas, House of Commons from the Secretary of the Cardiff New (Reform) Synagogue sent 28 June 1948. The secretary discusses the need for assurance that members of Cardiff Jewish community are able to purchase kosher meat from butchers in Cardiff.

They go on to explain that the Cardiff United synagogue had recently made amendments to their rules which states: if members subscribe to or support a Synagogue formed without consent of the Council of Synagogues or of which the Beth Din (court of rabbis) disapproves of, their membership would be terminated, along with privileges attached to this. Namely, the ability to purchase kosher meat from Jewish Butchers. The writer then expresses their concerns on this later matter as the Cardiff Reform Synagogue was officially disapproved by the Beth Din and fears that their members and members Cardiff Jewish community will be refused the sale of meat,

The writer acknowledges that this matter is a domestic one relating however stresses it is desired that the Minister could give assurance that he would take action if butchers began to refuse the sale of kosher meat to the members of the Jewish community effected by this new rule.

The Cardiff Reform Synagogue was founded in 1948 as the Cardiff New Synagogue. The following year, it became a constituent member of the Movement for Reform Judaism. Born in reaction against the more restrictive traditions of the Orthodox Judaism of Cardiff Hebrew Congregation, such as the prohibition of driving on the Sabbath and the ban on interfaith marriages, the new Synagogue appealed to the immigrants who had fled the war-torn Europe, where the Reform movement was already well-established. The congregation worships in a converted Methodist Chapel on Moira Terrace they acquired in 1952.

'The History of the Jewish Diaspora in Wales' by Cai Parry-Jones (;
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Depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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