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A newsletter for the congregation of the Cardiff New Synagogue (later the Cardiff Reform Synagogue), dated June 1971. The newsletter contains recent news such as deaths in the congregation as well as dates of future services and other synagogue events, a sermon (delivered by the Rabbi), Sabbath Readings for upcoming services and open letters.

The newsletter includes:

An open letter of apology from the rabbi (Dr Graf) to a member of the congregation (Professor L. A. Moritz). The Editor of the newsletter describes how during his sermon delivered at the Shavuot service, the rabbi attacked Moritz to the extent that he walked out of the synagogue.

An open letter by Yvonne Montrose mentions the divisions between the older Reform and Orthodox Jews in Cardiff. Montrose had proposed that the Cardiff New Synagogue's new under-13's group WOMBATS should also be open to children from the Orthodox Synagogue so as to encourage the two forms of Judaism to mix and better relations to be encouraged. However, as she was unable to gain the support of the Orthodox Synagogue, Montrose instead encourages the readers of the newsletter to tell their Orthodox friends about the group.

A sermon that was delivered by Rabbi Graf on 21 May 1971 concerning the young members of his congregation. The rabbi voices his frustration in how certain adult members are opposed to their daughters becoming Bat Mitsvah. He insists that equality of the sexes is fundamental to Reform Judaism and that women should not be ignored as they were in the past.

A letter from the Race Relations Secretary voicing concerns about an Immigration Bill that was in the process of being passed by parliament. The secretary describes how the Bill is strongly biased against people of colour and how it could be abused by employers. The letter urges the members of the congregation to write letters to their MPs to try to amend the Bill

The Cardiff Reform Synagogue was founded in 1948 as the Cardiff New Synagogue. The following year, it became a constituent member of the Movement for Reform Judaism. Born in reaction against the more restrictive traditions of the Orthodox Judaism of Cardiff Hebrew Congregation, such as the prohibition of driving on the Sabbath and the ban on interfaith marriages, the new Synagogue appealed to the immigrants who had fled the war-torn Europe, where the Reform movement was already well-established. The congregation worships in a converted Methodist Chapel on Moira Terrace they acquired in 1952.

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The depository: Glamorgan Archives.

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