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This is an audio clip from an interview with Lionel Elton in which Lionel recalls suffered a nervous breakdown at age 14, after being sadistically abused by the organ master at Hereford Cathedral School.

In his interview, Lionel Elton discusses growing up in Cardiff, where he attended the synagogue on Cathedral Road until his Bar Mitzvah, after which time he stopped going to synagogue. Lionel describes himself as culturally Jewish, but not a believer. Throughout his teens and early 20s Lionel was a member of the Zionist youth club, Habonim; it was here that he met his wife of 48 years, Miriam (Mim). At the age of 18, Lionel was principal clarinettist with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and set to take up a scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music. In Bristol, Lionel was an active member of the Thornbury community, establishing a community centre in the Chantry, a film society, and the Thornbury Arts Festival, which continues to this day. In 1977, after 22 years working for Honeywell Computers, Lionel set up his own firm. He retired to Abergavenny.

Depository: The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales.

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