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Date: 31 October 1914.



We are informed, says the Times, that the message from our correspondent, printed in the Times of Friday, does not represent the facts regarding the above steamer, and the account of her voyage current in Toronto is incorrect. We understand that this steamer was on a voyage from Newcastle, New South Wales, to Quaymas, Mexico, with a cargo of coals. In the Pacific Ocean she was accosted by a British cruiser which was short of coal, and the latter replenished her bunkers from her cargo, as she was perfectly entitled to do. Foreseeing that the remainder of the cargo would also almost certainly be required by the Admiralty, the cruiser ordered the Lowther Range to proceed to Esquimalt, and there await further orders. There therefore appear be no grounds for the report which got about as to this vessel having coals aboard for German cruisers.

Source: "THE LOWTHER RANGE. NOT A BRITISH PRIZE OF WAR." Driffiled Times. 31 October 1914. 4.

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