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This is episode 11 of a series of podcasts that seek to explain and set into a global context the 1919 Race Riots in Wales.
The Race Riots in Wales in June 1919 started in Newport on the 6th June but on the 11th June they started in Barry, Wales. This Docks town was the scene of the first death in the Riots when a seaman from the Caribbean stabbed a white local man during a fight. The fact that the white man (Frederick Longman) may have started the affray did nothing to stop the crowd violence that was to follow but there were no further deaths.
Charles Emmanuel went to prison for the killing of Longman.
This chapter of `secret' history is not taught in local schools.
The riots may have been a turning point for Black seaman and soldiers because despite the State trying to persuade them to accept repatriation (they were British Subjects and could not be officially be deported against their will) , they did not take the offer of a one way ticket home, the men and their white wives decided to stay and because of that their ancestors are Welsh citizens.

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