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This is episode 14 in our series of podcasts explaining, and seeking to put into a global context, the June 1919 Race Riots in Wales. While `white' soldiers were striking and being arrested for mutiny the treatment of Black Soldiers from the British Empire was significantly different, much more punitive. The Black British Empire contributed significantly to World War 1, financially giving millions of pounds and also sending millions of soldiers. Soldiers from the West Indies and Africa being used as servant and menial labour. The British Army treated these soldiers in a directly racist manner, denying most of them the opportunity to fight because they did not want the Germans to despise them for needing savages to help them win the war; making the black soldiers dig toilets for white soldiers and prisoners and carry munitions to the front. The Black soldiers went on strike after finding that they were denied a pay rise because of their race, this resulting in firing squad and prison.

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