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These items can be seen in the main gallery at Abergavenny Museum as part of 'Abergavenny Work in town' display. The bottle in the picture is a Facey's ceramic beer bottle; behind it is a poster/advertisement for Facey's company showing their brewery in Market Street and photos of their thirteen tied public houses.

In 1864/5 Samuel Henry Facey moved to 4, Cross Street Abergavenny, which included the White Swan Hotel. There he established a Wine & Spirit business which flourished. He decided he should build a brewery. He found a perfect site in Market Street, in the centre of town, where a deep, reliable well was sunk which always met the needs of the brewery which used some 3000 gallons of water a day.

His son, Mr Frank H. Facey continued the expansion and good reputation of the business with great success. On his death, his son Frank E. W. Facey made many innovations to the plant and Facey's beers were sold far and wide.

3000 barrels of beer were brewed a year, and 180 dozen bottles could be produced and capped in an hour. At its height there were 24 employees too. The brewery was an important industry in Abergavenny.

These items may be seen in the Keep Gallery at Abergavenny Museum.

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