A booklet by Esther Emment and Eluned Morgan (1870-1938) which is presented to the women of the Welsh Settlement 'in the hope that it will serve as a modest handbook, to help them keep their homes clean and attractive, and their ideas thoughtful and gentle' ('math o law-lyvr diymhongar iddynt, i helpu cadw eu cartrevi yn llyvn a deniadol, a chadw eu syniadau yn veddylgar a llariaidd'). The booklet also contains an essay by Mrs T. Williams, Tal-y-llyn (the sister of R. J. Berwyn), on the influence of the mother. These essays were all originally composed as entries in the 'eisteddfodau' of Patagonia. Esther Emment came to Patagonia in 1891 and worked as a schoolteacher in Gaiman before returning to Wales in May 1892. Eluned Morgan was the daughter of Lewis Jones (1836-1904), one of the leaders of the Welsh Settlement. She was a prominent figure in the cultural and literary life of the Settlement and published a number of essays and books. Here, it is possible to read the preface by Esther Emment and the first essay by Eluned Morgan entitled 'Trevnusrwydd Teuluaidd' ('Family Order').

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Mrs. T. Williams "Talyllynn" was Mary Lloyd Jones married with Tomos Williams. She was sister of Richard Jones "Berwyn" and William Lloyd Jones "Glyn". Her children were Sarah, Elizabeth and Tudur. tha family moved to the Andes later. Sarah Williams (married with John Ap Hughes) is my Nain.

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