• Welsh B-Boy Champs 2011 | STRIFE TV RECAP

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The Welsh Open B-boy Champs 2011, Newport, Sat 24th September

Clip features the following b-boys, in order of appearance -

Hulk, Kido, Venum, EZ Mike, Focus, Raw B, Tino Rock, Emile, Nasty Heron, Born, Dizzy, Chaos, Lee Roc, Just Roc, Blanka, Sunni, Morris, Ekcite, Ben, Swift Rock, Hat Solo

Judges: Aby (TBB), Focus (Flow Mo) Daryl (STN), DJ Renegade, Swift Rock (Battle Squad), Gabor (Enemy Squad)

DJ's: Timber, SkamRok, Jam Fu
Hosts: Alien Ness, Swifty, 4Dee
Music: Caveman - Fry you like Fish (Jazz remix instrumental)

Crews - Extraordinary Zulu Gangz.
2-on-2's - Floor Gangz (Born and Blanka)
Last Man Standing: Morris

Filmed and edited by Doy

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