Thursday, May 22nd
Came to London.
Friday, May 23rd
Saw Miss Spurrell off at Waterloo and looked for seats.
Saturday, May 24th
Saw the Prince and Princess of Wales and children come from Frogmore; also saw the King in a brougham.
Sunday, May 25th
Went to St. Thomas’ Church, Regent Street in the morning and in the afternoon to Farm Street Roman Catholic Church. Grand singing and sermon by Father Vaughan.
Monday, May 26th
Went to Drury Lane and saw Ben Hur. Prelude with 3 Wise Men and star gradually getting larger and radiating out. Very fine, also chariot race and the healing of the lepers.
Tuesday, May 27th
Showed Rev. J. Jenkins Houses of Parliament, The Abbey, Changing the Guard at Whitehall, St Paul’s, Mansion House, Royal Exchange etc.
Wednesday, May 28th
Went to the Empire and saw the new ballet, Our Crown. Lovely scenery and dresses, 6 tableaux starting from Edward I to Edward VI.
Thursday, May 29th
Lifeboat matinee at Alhambra. Prince and Princess of Wales present, Duke and Duchess of York and suite. Ballet, In Japan – very pretty.
Friday, May 30th
Trooping of the colour in St James’ Park, saw the procession of all the royalty in town. In afternoon saw the two little Princes of Wales walking with their tutor to Buckingham Palace. Also saw the Prince of Wales in one of the State carriages going to the Palace to attend an Investiture. Also saw the Marquis of Salisbury and Duke of Norfolk and Devonshire. Had a special bow from little Princess of Wales.
Saturday, May 31st
Went to Stoke Newington in the afternoon to see Uncle John and the others. Went to Clissold Park.
Sunday, June 1st
Went to St Michael’s Burleigh Street in morning. St Paul’s in afternoon, sermon by Bishop of Stepney. “ Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Love the King”. Judges and Lord Mayor present. Peace declared from War Office about 5.30. Great excitement in the Strand until the early hours of Monday morning. Rev J. to tea.
Monday, June 2nd
Went to Downing Street. Crowds there. Sir J. Chamberlain carriage drove up amidst loud cheering, he gracefully acknowledging, then Mr Balfour drove up and again loudly cheered. We then went down as far as the Mansion House, crowd very great there, so returned to St Paul’s. Had a good seat under the Dome, packed with people. Anthems beautifully rendered by the choir “ The Lord hath done great things for us whereof we are glad”. Archdeacon Sinclair present, Canon Holland, Bishop of Stepney and minor canons. Solemn Te Deum, and general Thanksgiving and Blessing after the service after which National Anthem sung by all present. Came home and tried to see illuminations but failed as crowds were too great.
Tuesday, June 3rd
Shopping and in evening saw Sir Henry Irving and Miss Cecilia Loftus in Faust. Good acting and scenery. Saw Mr W. Gilatte in one of the boxes.
Wednesday, June 4th
Rained in morning, so went to National Gallery and Portrait Gallery. Then on to British Museum – saw the China room and the new Mummy – very old. Then took bus to Oxford Circus and walked down Regent Street and home.
Thursday, June 5th
Went city in morning shopping , afternoon to Dalston seeing cousins and Aunts.
Friday, June 6th
Rained all day.
Saturday, June 7th
Went to see about seats and the new wing to the Abbey. Rained all afternoon and so stayed in and read.
Sunday, June 8th
Saw the King, Queen and all the Royal Family going to St Paul’s to attend Thanksgiving Service for Peace; after we went to St Martin’s. Sermon by one of the curates. His text: “he shall give his people the blessings of peace”. God Save the King after the service. In the afternoon to St Paul’s which was packed – a grand sermon from the Bishop of Stepney. His text same as last Sunday “honour all men” being the portion for his sermon. God Save the King after the service. Llewellyn Rees came to tea.
Monday, June 9th
Went Holborn shopping. In afternoon West End. Very cold.
Tuesday, June 10th
Went with Rev J to see the new Roman Catholic Cathedral, a very fine building probably a copy of St Mark’s Venice, it will not to consecrated until next June. From there we went to the Oratory Brompton and saw over that, then walked to Hyde Park taking note on the way of Indian Museum, Imperial Institute, Royal College of Music and Albert Hall. Met Lilian Carter coming from Alexandra House. Then saw the Albert Memorial and walked through the park to Marble Arch which was literally thronged with carriages, a large bazaar at the French Embassy accounted for some of these as Princess Christian opened it. Saw the King, Queen and Prince and Princess Charles of Denmark, and Princess Victoria drive through the park to the Ranelagh Club to witness a Polo Match. Also saw the Duke and Duchess of Connaught, and Princesses Margaret and Victoria Patricia going to the same place. Then took bus to Holborn and from there walked through Chancery Lane and home.
Wednesday, June 11th
Went to Jews synagogue, Portland Street, their great service where they sing the “Hallal”. A very good sermon on Peace by Rabbi Filey. Went in the afternoon to Westminster Cathedral where a programme of music was performed, the electric organ is very fine. Saw Cardinal Vaughan there and Monseigneur John Vaughan in their robes.
Thursday, June 12th
Went to Camberwell to see a friend via Westminster Bridge, the Venetian Masts for decoration green and white with green wreathing, came home over Waterloo Bridge, masts there all yellow.
Friday, June 13th
Went to the Mall, St James’ Park where we saw the Lord Mayor and Commoners going to Buckingham Palace to present a congratulatory address to the King on the restoration of peace in South Africa. Walked Buckingham Palace Road, rained all day.
Saturday, June 14th
Rained all the morning. Went in afternoon to St. James’ Park to see procession of Boys Brigade, hundreds of them; they were reviewed by the Prince of Wales who was loudly cheered as he rode back through the Mall amongst all the officers riding with him we noticed Colonel Trotter and Earl Roberts. Saw the King and Queen and suite drive to Victoria en route to Aldershot; also Prince Edward, Prince Albert and their tutor taking a drive and in another carriage Princess Victoria, Prince Harry and their nurse. Saw the Duke of Wellington and General Buller.
Sunday, June 15th
Hospital Sunday. Went in the morning to St Martin’s Church, sermon given by Rev. Sydney Vatcher, Chaplain to London Hospital, his text from XVI chap St John, part of 22nd verse, “Ye now therefore have sorrow”. In the afternoon to St Paul’s, had a splendid sermon from the Bishop of Stepney, his text “Honour all men and inasmuch as ye did it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye did it unto me”. The anthem, “I waited for the Lord”. Lord Mayor and Mayoress and Miss May Dimsdale present. Harry came to tea.
Monday, June 16th
Went to the city saw the Bank illuminations very fine, also Mansion House and Royal Exchange.
Tuesday, June 17th
Went to Edgware Road and did some shopping in Oxford Street; went as far as St Paul’s. A little finer.
Wednesday, June 18th
Went seat hunting the entire route and came home via St Paul’s and Ludgate Hill. Millie called in the evening.
Thursday, June 19th
Went to Earls Court Exhibition. Had a lovely day. Saw the Palais du Costume, some beautiful tableaux; also Topsy Turvey House which is upside down and everything inside appears the same. The Jardin du Paris gave a very good entertainment – songs, dances and equilibrists. The gardens were very pretty and some good bands.
Friday, June 20th
Rained all morning. Went to “Alexandra” House and Royal College of Music and took tea with Lilian Carter.
Saturday, June 21st
Went to afternoon service at St Paul’s. Saw several brakes of native soldiers in the Strand.
Sunday, June 22nd
Went to St Thomas’ Church, sermon by Rev. J. Bainbrigg St Luke VI Chap: part of verse 37 “Forgive”. Afternoon went to St Michael’s Chester Square, address by Canon Fleming on “Christian contentment”, his text from St Paul’s epistle to Philippians IV chap. Part of 11th verse “ For I have learned in whatsoever state I am in therewith to be content”. National anthem and Coronation Hymns sung. Crowds of people looking at decorations in the streets.
Monday, June 23rd
Went to Constitution Hill and saw the King and Queen return from Windsor, enthusiastic reception. Saw the Prince of Wales and Grand Duke Michael of Russia drive to Buckingham Palace from Victoria. Large crowds in the city. Very warm.
Tuesday, June 24th
Midsummer Day. When in Piccadilly yesterday heard that the Coronation was postponed owing to King’s illness so we immediately went through the Mall to Buckingham where we found the report only too true. A bulletin was posted outside the gates stating that an operation was to be performed at 12 o’clock. As you may suppose, great consternation prevailed among the people. A later bulletin stated that the operation had been performed successfully and the King was getting on satisfactorily. No-one knows now when the Coronation will take place. We went to see the decorations on Westminster Bridge which were really lovely and all done by the students of South Kensington; met Harold Jones on the bridge and he walked with us as far as Buckingham Palace and saw several Royalty calling at the Palace, amongst whom Prince and Princess of Wales etc etc., also the Ambassadors of King Menelik (Emperor of Ethiopia).
Wednesday, June 25th
Went to Buckingham Palace and found by the Bulletin 10.30 that the King was going on satisfactorily. Saw the Prince of Wales come from the Palace. Went to afternoon service at St Paul’s, intercessionary prayers etc at close of service. Went to Buckingham Palace to see Bulletin “ The King going on satisfactorily”. Saw the Prince in a brougham come from the Palace and at 8.30 saw Prince and Princess drive to the Palace.
Thursday, June 26th
Went as far as Buckingham Palace in the morning – saw the Bulletin that the King had slept and was getting on. Saw the Prince of Wales. Went to the afternoon service at St Paul’s, went again to Buckingham Palace and found out how the King was. Crowds of people there, saw several royal personages.
Friday, June 27th
Went in the morning to St James’ Park and walked to Buckingham Palace. Met Harold Jones also Mr and Mrs Brigstocke and Connie. Saw the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Albany, Prince and Princess of Prussia and Prince Arthur of Connaught. The King going on satisfactorily. In the afternoon went to St Paul’s Cathedral.
Saturday, June 28th
Went as far as Buckingham Palace in the morning and saw the Bulletin that the King was out of immediate danger. Went to Islington and Uncle John’s for tea.
Sunday, June 29th
Stayed in all day. Aunt G. not very well.
Monday, June 30th
Went to Norwood Cemetery via Brixton. In the evening saw some of the illuminations lighted. A little thunder.
Tuesday, July 1st
Review of Colonial Troops at the Horse Guards Parade by the Prince of Wales. Grand procession of the soldiers. The Queen loudly cheered. Nearly all Royalty present. The Duke of Connaught in command. Very satisfactory bulletin of the King. Rained afternoon and evening.
Wednesday, July 2nd
Review of the Indian Troops at the Horse Guards Parade by the Prince of Wales. Stood in the Mall and had a good view of Royalty going and returning, also all the Indian Troops – fine men. The Queen again present. The King hears cheers from his sick rooms and was gratified by the welcome his people gave to their gallant comrades. In the afternoon went to Hyde Park Corner and walked down Constitution Hill and home though the Mall. Saw Princess of Wales and little Prince Henry come from the Palace and behind them the Prince of Wales in a brougham.
Thursday, July 3rd
Went to Kensington and visited Pro-Cathedral and the Carmelite Church. Walked from Sloane Street through the Park.
Friday, July 4th
Went to Putney and spent a very pleasant day, went to Bishop’s Park and saw the 27 tents, all open, where 14,000 of the King’s Poor will dine tomorrow facing the river. It is a most cool and delightful spot. Some nice shops in the town and two good churches – only one open.
Saturday, July 5th
Went and saw some of the poor people going in to Holborn Town Hall to one of the King’s dinners. Went to Edgware Road through Praed Street and came out by Marble Arch. Went to the Chapel of the Ascension – beautiful paintings on the walls. Walked through Hyde Park, down Constitution Hill and home through the Mall. Saw the Prince of Wales go to Buckingham Palace. The King pronounced out of danger.
Sunday, July 6th
Went to St. Thomas’ Regent Street in the morning. Sermon by Rev. J. Bainbrigg, XIV Chap, St Matthew, part of 31st verse “ O thou of little faith wherefore didst thou doubt”. God Save the King at the close of service kneeling. In the afternoon to St Paul’s , sermon by Archdeacon Sinclair., XIV Psalm, 6th verse “ O come let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our maker”. Harry came to tea.
Monday , July 7th
Heard band play in Embankment Gardens. Saw Canadian Arch illuminated – very pretty. Cab accident to Mr Chamberlain – taken to Charing Cross Hospital.
Tuesday, July 8th
Went to Dalston and took tea with Aunt Barnes from there to Stoke Newington.
Wednesday, July 9th
Went to Inns of Court and saw Uncle Henry who was in town for the annual meeting of the Associated Board of Music at St James’ Palace. Went to St James’ Park and sat by the water. Rained heavily all the afternoon and evening. Uncle Henry came in about 8.
Thursday, July 10th
Went out with the intention of seeing the Queen go to the Botanical Gardens to open the Coronation Bazaar but a thunderstorm came on and we returned to our rooms.
Friday, July 11th
Went to Paddington to see the decorations for Viscount Kitchener. The arrival platform looked very pretty with flags. From there went to Whiteleys, Westbourne Grove and then home through Oxford Street and Holborn and in to St Paul’s.
Saturday, July 12th
Went to St James’ Park and saw Lord Kitchener come from Paddington, preceded by Prince of Wales, Duke of Connaught and Prince Arthur. Saw the Queen, Princess of Wales, Princess Victoria, Prince and Princess Charles of Denmark etc come on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Saw the children of the Prince of Wales with their nurse taking a drive. Saw Lord Kitchener drive to the Palace to see the King and return – great enthusiasm. Also saw the Duke of Cambridge and Princess Henry of Battenberg. Saw the Prince and Princess pass each other in different carriages. Saw the Canadian Arch which had been redone, also saw it illuminated this evening. Saw Sir Redvers Buller in St James’ Park.
Sunday, July 13th
Went to St Thomas’ Church in the morning, sermon by Rev, J. Bainbrigg 1st of St Peter, 1st Chapter , part of 12th verse. “Which angels desire to look into”. Went to Stoke Newington in the afternoon. Took tea at Uncle John’s.
Monday , July 14th Walked on the Embankment to Cheapside, took the bus to Victoria, from there to Hyde Park Corner, through Bond Street to Oxford Street, walked to the Horse Shoe and bus home.
Tuesday, July 15th
St Swithin’s Day. The King left Buckingham Palace for the Solent about an hour before we arrived outside the Palace. Sat in St James’ Park and from there went to Hyde Park. It was very warm but cool and pleasant under the trees.

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