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'Heddwch' is the supporter magazine for CND Cymru, the Welsh Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, published roughly quarterly from 1991 to the present day. It started as ‘Campaign Wales’ from 1985, following CND Cymru’s establishment as an independent campaigning network from 1981.
Page 1. COVER
- “Mayday… Mayday… International Emergency” article spread on the British general election in 1997, where the Conservative and Labour parties continue to support the deployment of Trident nuclear weapons systems and will only enter international disarmament negotiations once the US and Russia have done the same. Particular focus is paid to the role of New Labour.
Page 2.
- “Post-election action” section where readers are encouraged to share their views on government spending to their elected representatives.
- “CND Cymru has written to all Welsh MPs:” column congratulating those successfully electing MPs who support anti-nuclear policies and have the ‘genuine interests of ordinary people’.
- “Remembering Chernobyl” article on the 11th anniversary of the nuclear accident, highlighting a demonstration in Ceredigion drawing attention to radioactive pollution in the Irish Sea.
Page 3.
- “Faslane Peace Camp - a powerful symbol of protest” information piece.
- “Away from it all” poem by David Mackenzie of Stirling CND who became a Labour MP.
Page 4.
- “Plutonium in Space - another great idea from NASA” piece on a space probe launch holding deadly plutonium, containing the largest amount of nuclear material to be launched in space.
- “Nuclear waste dump on Ynys Môn?” article on NIREX’s decision to look for alternative sites from Sellafield to dump nuclear waste.
Page 5.
- “News Round-up” short pieces on ‘Abolition 2000’, a nuclear-free ‘Enlightenment in Newport’, ‘A nuclear waste dump in South East England’, ‘the EU votes for the abolition of nuclear weapons’, ‘Ploughshares disarmers presented with international peace prize’, ‘Whoops - another Trident cost increase’, ‘Watchett, Somerset bids for its own nuclear missile’, ‘The Millenium Timebomb - a comforting thought…’, Chernobyl victims receiving healthcare treatment in Cuba and Aberystwyth, ‘Nuclear convoy halted at Scottish border’.
Page 6.
- Continuation of “News round-up” section with ‘Nuclear convoy halted at Scottish border’, ‘Radioactive bank notes and blackcurrant juice’ in Turkey, ‘Euratom Directive 96/29’.
- “European issues and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Talks” article on the expansion of NATO nuclear sharing arrangements in possible breach of NPT negotiations, followed by a CND report ‘The UK’s Record on Nuclear Disarmament’.
Page 7.
- “Wales anti-militarists surprise the British army on the Epynt” article on a group of Methodists visiting a fake village used by soldiers to hide automatic weapons and play war games in Brecon Beacon National Park.
- “Trawsfynydd Lake - don’t let your children near it” information piece on the discharge of cooling waste from the station’s decommissioning nuclear reactors, with an unacceptable amount of radiation exposure to the public.
Page 8.
- “Fly your kite!” appeal for action by CND Cymru and Freedom of the Skies against low-level military jets on 19-20 July 1997, listing out the aims, problems and arguments and an action plan.
Page 9.
- Continuation of “Fly your kite!” appeal for action.
- “75 years of the Urdd Gobaith Cymru Message of Peace & Goodwill” article on the Reverend Gwilym Davies who helped to establish the United Nations and UNESCO.
- “Murder without witness” article by Carole Woods from the US on the effects of radioactive pollution in Wales.
Page 10.
- “Nuclear Europe?” article on the EU Intergovernmental Conference to agree to changes to the Maastricht Treaty around a new common defence policy.
- “Petition from the Women of the World to the Governments of the World” appeal to be presented at the 52nd session of the UN General Assembly at the horrific levels of violence witnessed by women and children as primary victims of war and poverty.
- “Scientific and Cultural Approaches to Nuclear Risk” advertisement of an international conference on low-level radiation in Bristol.
Page 11.
- “WILPF memories of Greenham women before Greenham” letter to the Editor on the spread of peace camps in Europe.
- “Diary Dates” events by sympathetic organisations working for peace and environmental and human justice in Wales.
Page 12.
- CONTACTS” for CND Cymru.
- “I want to join the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament” form to join and donate.
- “Peace Shop” Cardiff advert.
- “What are you doing in August?” advertisement for the National Eisteddfod to campaign for peace, justice and a nuclear-free world.
- “University of Glamorgan” advertisement.

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