• The Jewish Commando 3 Troop (10 Commando) , Aberdovey training area

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This Commando Troop were 98% European Jewish refugees, recruited especially for their language skills, toughness and high motivation to fight back. They not only had to use false names (see the two documents attached) but also attested as different religions for the obvious reasons that, if captured they would have been 'shot twice' - for being Jews and being Commandos! Also they had to protect their famiies still in Europe, from retaliation. Thus the UK Army records and the Commando Vetreans Association and Special Forces web sites that describe these men, show many of them falsely as Christians of various denominations and with British names, and several who died have Crosses on their graves with their true names missing. The CWGC will not change these to Stars of David , or engrave the true names, as the attestation form is the final word. As the otherwise beautiful memorial and explanatory leaflet at the Tourist Office, at Aberdovey, say none of this, it omits the real truth and readers should consult the three books, 'Fighting Back' by Martin Sugarman , Valentine Mitchell, 2017; 'Striking Back' by Peter Masters (Aranyi) - a veteran of the Troop - Presidio Books, 1997; 'No. 10 Commando' by Ian Dear, Leo Cooper, 1987, as well as the Virtual Jewish Library online article, No 3 Jewish Troop, Commandos.

Martin Sugarman (Archivist of the Jewish War Veterans of the UK - AJEX, Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women)

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