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Colwyn Bay National Eisteddfod 1947
Images 1 - 7: No description
Images 8 - 10: "An interesting old chest of clothes at the arts and crafts exhibition. Seen on the lid is a poen - "Valentine" - stitched by a Mary Price on February 14, 1760 for her sweethart. This is the verse - "As sure as grapes, Grows on the Vine, Mr Pet Hughes, Is my true Valentine"
Images 11 - 13: No description
Images 14 - 18: "Girls and boys from Pwllheli Grammar School made sure that every instrument was in tune before going on stage for the third time and winning a prize at the National"
Images 19 - 20: Penillion singing party from Tremarl, with the conductor, Mr Huw Huws, practicing before competing with Gwenllian Dwyryd.
Images 21 - 24: No description
Images 25 - 26: A girls party from Llansannau at the Eisteddfod in Colwyn Bay
Images 27 - 28: "Members of the Executive Committee of the Eisteddfod Council. Photograph taken by "Y Cymro" at Colwyn Bay.
Images 29 - 30: The council of the National Eisteddfod, Bae Colwyn and all officials. Pretty nearly the whole establishment and all the important people of the day.
Images 31 - 33: No description
Images 34 - 39: A feature of eist Bae Colwyn was the visit of the Breton youngsters which gave publicity to the complaints they made against the French racially aggressive measures. Frame 2, 3 the very colourful and pretty party: frame 4, 5, 6 (published in Y.C. and their musicians frame 7. "Merched o Lydaw yn eu gwisgoedd cenedlaethol ym Mae Colwyn.
Images 40 - 41: Dewi Emrys in typical pose - pipe in hand chats with some of his Pabell Awen readers.
Image 42: No Description
Images 43 - 45: "Hufen melyn! Parti Meinir, Manod, Blaenau Ffestiniog at the Eisteddfod!"
Image 46: "One of Colwyn Bay's stars was Dennis Wyn Jones, Oakley Terrace, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Only eleven years old and winning on the penillion singing for those under eighteen"
Images 47 - 48: A girls party from Hen Golwyn. And with the harp, Mair Jones who won the harp solo under 15 and under 18 years old. She received high praise from the Adjudicators. (Centre figure in group playing the harp.)
Images 49: Cadfan Dance Party, Rhostryfan waiting in the wings to come up on the stage on Tuesday Images 50 - 51: No description
Images 52 - 57: The Archdruid on the stage - preparing for the Crowining ceremony
Images 58 - 62: "Crowning the Rev. Griffith John Roberts, Rector at Nantglyn"
Images 63 - 66: No description
Images 67 - 68: "On the left - (with a paper in his hands) alderman Emyr Williams, Wrexham, and with him, twenty relatives from every corner of the country, as well as from Canada, who came together for the first time in seven years, on the Eisteddfod maes on Tuesday"
Images 69 - 74: Preparing the Crowning Ceremony on the stage: up to and including the Crowning Ceremony: Erfyl Fychan aranging the Gorsedd on the stage: Cynan and Archdruid
Images 75 - 80: Crowning proceeds - actual moment frame 13 but I used 2 cameras at once so the published crowning pictures is in Frame 28, B3
Images 81 - 86: The Gorsedd Ceremony: Candidates wait to be admitted and honoured: Rowland Thomas and E Meirion Evans wait
Images 87 - 92: They proceed to the maen llog: in 29 the whole panoply of the Gorsedd including the (by this) blind Cyn-archdderwydd Elfed
Images 93 - 95: Rowland Thomas managing director of Woodwalls Newspapers (at the time, later chairman of the board) with one of his competitors in the Welsh Press, E Meirion Evans (Gwasg y Brython) - "Two publishers of Welsh books who were selected to be honoure, Mr Rowland Thomas (Head of Hughes a'i Fab and the "Cymro" company) and Mr E Meirion Evans, Head of Hugh Evans a'i Feibion Company, Gwasg y Brython, Lerpwl - both awarded for their services to Welsh literature. The bardic name given to Mr Rowland Thomas was ROLANT TUDOR (he lives at Plas Tudor, Pant near Oswestry". The procession of the Gorsedd to the area of the Maen Llog.
Images 96 - 98: The procession of the Gorsedd to the area of the Maen Llog.
Imagse 99 - 100: Already recorded - douglas Road School children band taro.
Images 101 - 102: Rowland Thomas in his bardic robes, with head gear.
Images 103 - 108: Gorsedd on Thursday: Flower Dance.
Images 109 - 111: J T Jones: Chairing of the bard.
Image 112: No Description
Images 113 - 114: "Nearly a thousand prizes - Cellan and Gwyndaf, Mr and Mrs Brin Jones' children, Pontardulais, and nephews of Eos Gwili who have won 970 prizes for singing between them during the last five years at national festivals (from 1944 to 1947). They won nine first prizes and four second prizes, including a prize for singing a duet two years in a row, twice under 18 years old and once under 16 years old. At Colwyn Bay this year Gwyndaf won first prize for his solo, under 12, and Cellan for solo under 16 years old, and they also claimed first prize for the duet."
Images 115 - 120: J T Jones: Chairing of the bard
Images 121 - 124: Crowning anthem:
Images 125 - 126: John Roberts Williams, golygydd y Cymro, yn cyflwyno cwpan y cymro I'r Eisteddfod (prif corawl: gwobr)
Images 127 - 132: Sale choir on stage in action: their 76 year old Conductor in action Mr A Higson: they won the Cymro Cup.
Images 133 - 138: Chairing Ceremony: J T in his chair
Images 139 - 142: Chairing Ceremony: J T in his chair. J T Jones whispers his name in the Archdruid's ear: the Crowning song: J T pensive in his chair fingers his lip while the Archdderwydd has a word with the singer and the assembled gorsedd sit in the background.
Image 143: "Mr D R Hughes is followed as joint secretary of the Eisteddfod Council by Mr Ernest Roberts, Bangor, who was general secretary to the Council. Mr Ernest Roberts is followed by Ann Owen, Bethesda on the Eisteddfod field ... Cynan writes in his little book and Mr Ernest Roberts waits his turn. They can hardly refuse, as it is englyn form his book that explains who is Ann Gwynn, and the cards and literati are invited to contribute to is by Dr R Williams Parry. Here is the englyn: "Ann Gwynn yw unig Eneth y cyfaill Frank Evans a Gwyneth; Am enwau beirdd mae Ann. Beth Am daro yma doreth?"
Image 144: "Llew Dwyryd and Mr Watkin Jones, Dolben, who came joint first in the penillion singing competition"
Image 145: No description Image 146: Mr Watkin Jones
Images 147 - 148: No description
Images 149 - 150: Denbighshire Road Safety Committee stall.

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