" Snohomish county in Washington State lies North of Seattle. Compared to its southern neighbor King County it is historically a rural, agricultural county. Many Welsh immigrants settled this area and the surrounding territory. At one time, there was a large Welsh community in the Snohomish Valley centered around the town of Snohomish and most were interred at the Marshland Cemetery.

In 1999, the Puget Sound Welsh Association (PSWA) organized a ‘read’ of the cemetery, which was carried out on 24 July by PSWA members, Jackie Cedarholm, Carolyn Bell, Robert Smith, Brian and Gerri Parry and David and Mary Powell. The cemetery held the graves of ancestors of David Powell.

For practical purposes, the cemetery was divided into five sectors, each the responsibility of one group. The plan of the cemetery is laid out in the master diagram, with the five sections bounded by the dashed lines. Each grave was located and was assigned a number as indicated on this master diagram and the names of the buried, and inscription on each headstone recorded. Some headstones indicated more than one interred person in the grave and in the listing, multiple burials within a grave were assigned a lower case letter. The reads by each group were collated into the listing in this item.

Historically there have been several reads of the cemetery and photographs of the headstones can be found at:
This is file number psw01060a in the Welsh Heritage Center Archive (see below). "

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