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May Hewlett wrote: "This is my Father (4th from the left) with some kind of Union Delegation, I have no idea which one. It might be the Iron and Steel Federation, any number of local Trade Unions or even the Co-operative Society. Father was very active in all of these. Whoever they are, I don’t think I would like to negotiate with them.
Anthony was a great debater and was a prominent member of the Briton Ferry Debating Society - which had a great reputation in its day. His gift for oratory and debate led him into politics and he represented his Trade Union. Anthony was never a firebrand and his sane and sensible approach to conflicts led him to do a lot of work in arbitration.
He represented the ISF (Iron and Steel Federation) when they visited the Soviet Union to see the five year plans in action. He actually spoke on the radio in Moscow - in English - so I don’t know how many Russians understood what he said. He travelled from Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) to Odessa, visiting many sights of interest on the way. He was impressed by what he saw, but was not entirely taken in."

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