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Photograph of the Welsh team who played against Scotland at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh on 8th January 1883. It was the first time Wales played Scotland and Wales lost 3 goals to 1. Back row: G Rowland Hill (RFU Referee); H S Lyne; J Griffin; F T Purdon; T J S Clapp; G F Harding; T B Jones. Middle row: R Mullock (WRU touch-judge); R Gould; G L Morris; C P Lewis (captain); C H Newman. Front row: T H Judson; R H Bridie; W F Evans. Many believe that, despite being in the photo, R H Bridie (the one sitting awkwardly in the front row without a badge) was subsequently withdrawn (after objections from the Scottish RU) and was replaced by W B Norton of Cardiff. However, confusingly, some match reports mention Bridie and others Norton. The general consensus seems to be that Bridie probably didn’t play, but it’s not certain. Besides Norton, the others who did play but who are not in the photo were J A Jones (another Cardiff player) and A Cattell. (Information kindly supplied by Gwyn Prescott).

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