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[top right hand margin:-] 24
Prisoner told the people dare not to break the law
if they would take care not to do so there would be
no danger - they passed opposite to the Ebbw Vale
the blast appeared to be taken off - Witness
said to Prisoner he hoped they did not stop the furnaces
for that would injure the Masters and Workmen
Prisoner answered let them stop it to the Devil - Witness
lost sight of the Prisoner then but saw him again at the
place where the Tram road crosses the Turnpike - stopped
there a long while towards day light and didn't see
Prisoner again at the Evening meeting on the Sunday
the Stranger from Blackwood spoke to the Meeting in
English and the Prisoner interpreted it into Welsh - Prisoner
said that every Man was to do his best to have some
kind of arms for self defence - that the man from Blackwood
said that if there was a turn out there they were to
turn out that very minute if not there would be some
hard punishment - a good many of the People on the
Mountains had arms they waited there a good time
expecting the Sirhowy people over - Witness saw many
at the house where the Tram road crosses the
Turnpike - Some had arms and walking sticks some
Guns others pikes and some Mandrils - they left the
place just at day break and came down through Sir
Charles's Park - Witness saw Prisoner on the Sunday
morning ramming a horse pistol at his House --------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- said Edward Richards, 176]

To Prove that on Sunday night the third November
witness was in expectation from rumours abroad
that the Chartists were coming down from the Hills
Several men came to Witness's house between 11
and 12 p.m. - as soon as the Door was opened
the house was filled - there were hundreds - they
stopped at the door - and witness didn't answer at
first - they rapped again and then fired a Gun
and said unless Witness came down immediately they
would break open the Door - when it was opened the
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Simon Leonard of Lanholleth [Llanhilleth?], Publican, 180]

[centre bottom margin:-] 23

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