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[top right hand margin:-]33
TO PROVE That the Prisoner (Jenkin Morgan) came to her house on
Wednesday evening before the Riots about 6 o'clock, enquired for
another Man - Witness saw the Prisoner talking to a Man in his shirt
sleeves up stairs - Heard the man not to be alarmed if he were
called for, heard Frost's name mentioned, that he was gone up to
the Hills to fetch the Colliers out - heard the Prisoner say that he
expected bloodshed would be in Pill and Newport, before Sunday
night either Sunday night or Monday morning - Witness told her
husband of the conversation, the person prisoner called for was John
Gibby, he left home Wednesday after the Riots--------------------------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Frances Gibbon of Pillgwenlly, Wife of Tho[ma]s Gibbon. 115

TO PROVE That he worked for Stephens before the Riots - saw
Davies who lives at the Pottery beyond Pill come to the shop of
Stephens the week before the Riots with a pattern made of Wood & he
said he wanted a thing made of that form to rise earth with - It
was a long thing about 10 inches long - about 1 inch and 1/2 wide
a flat top - it was one straight piece of iron - Witness did not
hear him call it any thing, it was all solid and flat - the
edges were not sharp - Witness' Master made a thing according
to the pattern - the Prisoner Jenkin Morgan the milkman, came
to the shop and asked my Master to make a similar thing for
him, it was two or three days before the Riots - Witness's
Master made one for - Davis afterwards came and asked
his Master to make another, he said the first was broke, but
he did not bring it with him - Witness' Master made another
Witness never saw such a thing made for digging earth
Has been a Blacksmith 7 years - I remember the Friday
night before the Riot - Gibby came to our shop & David
Herring came with him - William Stephens came in afterwards
Witness saw they were grinding something but did particularly
know what it was - Witness was making hinges - After Stephens
came in he worked at them with Witness - he asked when he
came in what they were about - Witness did not hear what
they said - Witness saw in Gibby's hand a long spear he was
grindng it and Herring was turning it, they made about a dozen
hinges that night - Witness went to Prisoner's house that night
Gibby went with him and Herring - Witness did not know

in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Edw[ar]d Brickley of Newport Blacksmith 156

[centre bottom margin:-]32

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