• Newport Chartists Vol.2, p.44

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Page 1:
[top right hand margin:-]44
on the road towards Newport and the party divided at the junction
of two roads when Witness lost sight of prisoner and finally made
his escape into Newport ---------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- John Matthews 66

TO PROVE that he lives at Cros-y-Cylog - that he was taken from home on
Monday 4th Novr (November) by a number of persons. some of them
were armed - one had a Butcher's Axe with a knife at the Handle
another had a stick with a spear on the top - Witness didnt know
any of them. Asked them where they were going - They said to
Newport - Before they came to Malpas Gate Witness saw the prisoner
Aust join coming out of his own house - Aust brought his Gun
under his coat as if he wished to conceal it - William James the
watchmaker was with them there - Witness first saw him at
Austs's house - Jones gave directions - Jones and Aust walked in front
up the lane as leaders of the party - a Collier came up to them
in the lane and told them if they had seen what he had seen
they would not go to Newport - Some of them said "Then we
are done" Aust was in front with Jones when this was said
a great many of them had arms ---------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Chris[tophe]r Kidner 68

TO PROVE that he lives at Llanvrechva and that he was taken from his
house against his will by a party about 8 o'cloch and was
brought along with them till they came to Malpas - William Jones
was one of the party - when they reached prisoners house Jones
went in and came out with the prisoner - Saw them talking
together at Malpas House, Saw Jones loading a Pistol - Met a
Collier who told them he had enough of it - Jones said - we are
done now - Saw some guns amongst them and Hatchets that would
cut two or three ways, others had Pikes and Billhooks - Saw
prisoner by the Turnpike Gate side by side with Jones. ---------------------- CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- John Phillips 69

TO PROVE a Gun found at the house of the prisoner Aust at Malpas which was loaded ------------------------ CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Henry Chapel Grocer Newport 70

TO PROVE That Witness employed the prisoner Aust last summer - From what
witness had heard of him he asked him whither he was a
Chartist and what made him so, Aust said it was time for something to be
done as the great men had had it in their hands long enough - Witness
observed to him that they were about to pull Mr Prothero's house down
and Mr Blewitts - and prisoner said "I hope I shall live to see it" -----------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- William Phillips of Malpas Malster 70

[centre bottom margin:-] 43

Page 2:
List of Prisoners - 1 Copy of Brief
for the Crown

[centre bottom margin:-] D.4.80

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