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and to confine them in a Pit - I said and what then, he
said why then Mr. Frost will give us directions, whether it is
not better to go to Monmouth and release Vincent and others - I
said and what do you intend to do with the great Men in
the Pit, what availment will that be to you, he said We -
intend to keep them there as Hostages until the Chartist Leaders
were liberated I said I hope you don't intend anything unkind
to Mr Leigh as I thought he was a real benefactor to the
Neighbourhood and I hoped nothing unkind would be meant
towards him, he said he should have one of the driest stalls
that could be found for him - I asked him if they intended
doing anything against life or property, he said no, by no
means, I said I hope you tell me truth, he said I do
indeed for there has been a Meeting of the Delegates - I
believe he said 50 he did say where but I can't distinctly
recollect, but I think he said Dukes Town and it was
there determined the first Man that did anything against
property or life should be shot, he said he had promised to
be at Newport by 9 o'clock that day, he said I believe by
this time that Newport is in possession of the Chartists, a
third person then came in and the conversation was turned
to other subjects -
I do not recollect whether Prisoner said We or They
would put them into the Pit - Prisoner said he had promised
to be at Newport that morning by 9 o'clock - I don't recollect
that he said anything about Mr Weare accompanying him to
Newport - as to the distinct phraseology as to the words - We
or they, for my mind was in a considerable state of ~
________________________Stephen Fletcher

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William Shellard

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