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was stopp back a great many of them - We stopped there a few
minutes, the Men was coming down all full the place, all full
the Tram Road driving us on, crying go on - we did go on, we did
go on I cannot say, it is perhaps 6 miles, it was to a place
where the Tram Road and the Turnpike Road part, one do cross the
other, I was not in there, I went in to the people there, there was
hundreds of people there, I don't know how many, I did turn back
from them, and I and two persons did turn back to a little Public
House there about a mile - I know a place called Risca, the place
where we stopped was this side of Risca, that Public House is on
the left hand as we go up this side of Risca, there was a good
many Men there, the place was all full, some of those Men had
something in their hands, I did see some Guns there, and some
Pikes, I don't know how much and some with sticks there was nothing
else that I saw in their hands, I did not see any Mandrils I dont
know the person that keeps that Public house, I did stay there
about 2 hours or more I can't say very particular, there was something
that made me leave that house, there was many came in and drive
me out, they did say come on, come out and out we went, we went
down to the rest, we did catch them down in the Park, that is Sir
Charles Morgan's Park, there was many hundreds of them came after
we, I don't know how much I did come down below stow Church, I can't
say how much below, when I came down there the people were running
back again and I turned back again and went home, I heard
the firing, I don't think it was half a minute before the people
was running back, I was a Member of a Chartist Lodge, held at
the Prisoners house the Royal Oak, I had a Card given me by the
prisoner Zephaniah Williams I have got that Card now at home, it is
at home, I think it is, I think it is safe there, I have paid
money, I did throw the money to the Plate on the table, the Prisoner
was there, when I threw the money to the Plate, the Prisoner never
told me, what the Card was intended for, I never heard him say
what the Card was intended for, I have heard him say what the
money was paid for he said it was to pay the Delegates that was
going about speaking about the Country, I never heard him say what
these Delegates did or were to do I know a Man named William Davis

[Annotations in left margin:]
public House
many people there

driven out[?]
went to Park

down below stow Church

people running back

heard firing


sub asked[?]

Williams sd to pay Delegates

13 [bottom left]

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