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Monmouthshire }
to wit }

The Examination of Jeremiah Moxley
of Saint Arvans in the county of Monmouth
Farmer taken upon Oath before us ~
Thomas Lewis andWilliam Curre Esquires two
of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in
and for the said county this twenty eight
day of December 1839 in the presence and
hearing of the Prisoner Robert Brown charged
with intimidating the said Jeremiah Moxley
one of the Jurors of our Lady the Queen summoned
to try John Frost and others for Treason

who upon his Oath saith On the twenty first
day of December Instant the Prisoner
Robert Brown came to my House in Saint
Arvans about eight o'Clock in the evening
he was asked to walk in we conversed
together - I asked him if he was going to
Monmouth Assizes he said he was he
thought to go; and so are you - I said I was
worse luck he said he thought I was not
fit to go on the Jury - I said I should be
glad if I was not he said mind, if you
do, what you say or what you do against
those innocent men, he said I suppose you
would not like to have your guts cut
out about the road afterwards, I said
no I should not like that of course,
he said I shall be at Monmouth to
mark the Jury, and if I knew that
a hundred Pounds would liberate
Frost or either of them I would fetch
it for them tonight, I should not mind
shooting one that was against these
men more than a Tom Tit that was
picking the buds off the Tree, he said
it is a pity that these innocent
men should be brought before that
infernal Judge, that he cried night
and day about it, I thought he alluded
to his Brother in Law William Edwards
now in Monmouth Gaol with Vincent
the Prisoner was intoxicated when this

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conversation took place at the
commencement after I asked him whether
he was going to Monmouth he said Mind
have a good or a clear conscience or
words to that effect. I believe the cause
he said this to me was because about
a week before I had said in Chepstow
I have been summoned on the Jury I
________________ we are
do not know what ^ to do with these
men I suppose we shall hang two or three
before we come back - I bought a Sow
of[f] the Prisoner a few days after I said
this in Chepstow and I then told him
what I had said

Taken and sworn} _______J Moxley
before us}
____Thomas Lewis
____ Willm Curre

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Examination of
Jeremiah Moxley
one of the Jurors on
the Trial of John


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