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house which he would convert into a Barrack and would
send men to Monmouth to release Vincent. During
Sunday a great many people came to his house to see
Frost. One man came from Blaina who told Frost
Zephaniah Williams was to collect his men at 6 o'clock.
Frost told him the Blackwood men need not collect quite
so soon - that were to be at the Cefan at 10 o'clock and
would be at Newport at 3 o'clock in the morning. At
Dinner on Sunday Tovey's wife said to Frost it might be
the last time they might ever dine together and Frost
said if ever he came to the Blackwood again he shod
be more content as he should then have many of the
Tyrants and oppressors heads off. She then asked
him what they would do for food to which he answered
that there were Storehouses with plenty of flour at
Newport and Deer in the Park and he would dare to
say that there would be some Butchers amongst them.
Frost left Tovey's House Sunday night accompanied
by William Davies and Tovey went after them to the
Coach & Horses. He heard Frost order the men
who were collected there in great numbers to go on.
At that time there were a great number of women and
children collected who made a great wailing and crying.
Tovey next saw Frost at the Welsh Oak where he heard
him give directions to the pike men to go in front
At the Waterloo he heard Frost give the word
"Halt" and then he addressed the men with Guns to take
the lead and so they went to the Westgate. He saw
Frost go with them to the far corner of the house
and then turned round and the firing immediately


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Exam-on of
Job Tovey


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