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[penciled in top right hand corner] 63

were making provisions to know where to when they should

come - We were talking about it to go over the Ceiling - that

is what we were talking about - there was a hole in the Ceiling

of the Closet Since the House was built - I dont know that

there were many persons taken out of their houses that night

and forced to go down to Newport - I heard next morning

that they came there - I was in bed and slept - I heard no

disturbance that night in the neighbourhood before or after

I went to Bed - there was no one forced to go to Newport

from my immediate Neighbourhood that night to the best of

my knowledge - I did not see my Brother afterwards

until I came down here - he and I were in a State of great

alarm when he left my Mother's house on Sunday night

he lives about 1/2 a Mile from my Mother's house - I got up

about 8 o'Clock on Monday Morning - I had a peaceable

night - I did hear no bother - I heard in the morning

by a Woman that I saw in the Morning that she saw him in

the morning about 8 o'Clock - the Woman's name is Mrs

Bolton - I work at the Varteg - I live nearer the Varteg

then my Brother - I did not work on Monday - I had no

direct personal communication with my Brother on Monday

I heard he was at home and in Bed at 6 o'Clock on Monday

morning - Mrs Bolton was the person who spoke to me of

my Brother being at home at 8 o'Clock - Another person

who lives in the House afterwards told me he was in Bed

at 6 o'Clock on Monday morning, On Sunday night when

my Brother left me he had on the same dress he had

on now.

The mark of X Peter Brittan

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