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Simon Leonard states - I am Landlord of the Hanbury
Arms Inn in the Parish of Llanhilleth - A rumour was made at my
house on Sunday the 3rd November last that the Chartists were rising
at Ebbw Vale and were going to Newport.
Between 11 & 12 Oclock that night as I was returning to Bed I
heard from outside a noise of men talking and a tramping of feet -
Immediately afterwards I heard a rap at my door - I did not answer
it - I then heard another and a report of a Gun - - I went to the window and tapped - I saw several persons near my
door - Some were passing They sung out open the door immediately
or we will burst it open - I opened the door - My house was immediately
filled - most of the men were armed with different weapons -I
should think there were 100 or more there - They called for Beer - I
drew Beer for them for some of which they paid but not all -
I drew the whole of the Beer on Tap and then blew the lights out -
I begged of them to get me a light again as it was impossible for me
to do anything in the dark,which they did - Zephaniah Williams
was there - He ordered the men out saying " get on as fast as possible
and without calling elsewhere - I asked Z Williams if he would
take a Glass of anything - he said he would take a glass of peppermint -
When I went to get it for him I found a jar containing about 3 gallons
of peppermint had been stolen an another containing about a Gallon
and a half of Rum had been stolen - I left the Bar - the Prisoner
was there when I left it - I went to the Tap room and found that
a cloak of my wife`s and 4 umbrellas had also been stolen -
When I went back to the bar Zephaniah Williams was gone -
I did not recognise any of the parties who were in my house except
Zephaniah Williams -
84 [pencil notes top right]

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