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[top r. corner] 119
more people than usual on the Sunday evening at
Masters house. My Master was out directly after
Frost on the Sunday night and returned at 10 o'clock
I can't say if there were many people in front of my
Masters house as I did not go out of the house - I
was in the kitchen from seven till eleven o'clock that
night - there were no more people than usual came
into the kitchen that night - we were usually full on
Sunday night - my Master was at home on Monday -
I heard on the Sunday evening that the men from the Hills
were coming down - I heard one person say they were
Chartists - After Frost and my Master went out there
was a person came in and told my Mistress that they
were going and she shut up the Door - I never saw Mr
Davies at the house before the Friday I have spoken
of - I did not see Davies do anything when he came
into the kitchen - I think he stopped two or three minutes
my Mistress waited upon Frost, Jones & Williams at tea -
Cross Ex.d by Mr Hall. Mr Llewellyn first examined me
on Saturday last.
To the Court. It is about Six weeks since I went
to live at the Coach & Horses. Frost, Jones & Williams
drank tea in the parlour - Davis the Prisoner was not
in that room - I did not see Mr Davis at all with
them - I do not know whether Frost Jones & Williams
were in the parlour while Davies was in the kitchen -
Jones and Frost were back and forward in the house
almost all day.
Israel Furmen was then called and sworn and
deposed to his having been taken from his house - after
which he said - I saw on that night, Nov-r. 3rd, a person
on horseback at this side of the Bridge near the Welsh
Oak - he rode a dark brown horse - he said "my men

[at foot]

[Newport Museum and Art Gallery stamp]

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