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was some conversation between Thomas Gunter and
the prisoner but I can`t say what it was - the
prisoner said he had been in the square of the
Westgate that morning - he said he thought
Newport would be all their own in half an hour
He did not say how they were to take Newport
he pointed to some men that were standing
in groups at a Quarry the other side of the River
from his house - he did not say anything with
reference to those men - I saw men at the Quarry
he said there was a number of Men that was
all - I should think there was from 150 to
200 men standing at the Quarry - call
_________________________ Walter Williams
Thomas Gunter States : I live at
Caerleon - I am an Innkeeper - I know the
prisoner Samuel Etheridge - I remember Monday
the 4 Novr I called up on the prisoner at his
house that morning - he keeps a Beer house
about a mile out of Newport - Walter Williams
and Charles Rogers were with me - perhaps it
was 10 or 1/2 past 10 o'clock - We started from
Caerleon after we heard the firing - Caerleon is
about 2 miles from the prisoners house - Charles
Rogers lives sometimes at Caerleon and sometimes
at Newport - I saw the Prisoner that morning
I asked him how the row got on and I began
to enquire what mischief the Chartists had done
or something of that sort - I asked him if the
Chartists had been beaten - he said they were not
I asked him what they were doing there if they
were not beaten - there was a lot of people


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