• Newport Chartists Vol.9, p.24

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John Jones sworn says. I live in Risca - I am a -
labourer in the Employ of the Canal Company -
I remember a Sunday night in November - I believe it was seven -
weeks tomorrow. I went to Bed that night, some people came -
to my House - a woman called at my House and I got up,
went down stairs, and opened the Door, I saw nothing but the
woman, I let her in and went up stairs. I finsh dress, and again
came down stairs - the man with three little Boys came into the
House, the man said he was very sickly in his thoughts, -
because he had left his wife very sickly at home, the House was
filled with people directly afterwards, I could not tell how many
it was then between three and four o'Clock in the morning of -
Monday - some of the men had Guns and Pikes, I saw -
one with a sword - I know the Prisoner Edward Pillinger
he was one of the men in my House that night, he did nothing
at all but push towards the fire to dry himself - there was 20
or more men in the House at a time, when some did go out,
others did come in - I shook hands with the Prisoner, and
asked him how he was, he said "hearty" - my Wife asked him
where he was going, he said to Newport, but he did not know
in the world what for, he was there about an hour. I did think
by seeing him there so long and push towards the fire, that -
he did not wish to go on - I saw him go out, and heard him
say good bye. After they had all gone out of the House, -
a man came in with a Gun - he came over the stile and said
to me - now my good man they do insist upon me bringing
you along - he went into my House I went after him into my
House - He drove me before him with the Gun out of the
House, - he first of all asked me if there was any other man in
the House, - I said no, he then said he must see the Cupboard
open - my Wife opened it, he then said he must have the other
Cupboard opened, it was opened for him, I said if he was so
particular as to have everything searched, he was welcome to go
up stairs if he liked - he said he would take my word -


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