• Newport Chartists Vol.9, p.37

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Page 1:

__________91 years of age
Israel Furmen ^ states I live at Gellygross
In the night of the 3rd of Novr Inst Henry
Fishers Son and Son in Law came to my
House. Fisher's Son's name is John [Fisher]
and his son in Laws name is George
Haynes They asked me to come along
I asked where it was about 6 O'clock
in the afternoon when they came first
to my House. When I asked them where
they said a little way. My Wife said
I could not go and I said I would
not go. They then went away After
that Mrs Batten's 2 Sons came to my
House with an Engineer,Battens
Son's names are John and Thomas [Batten]
They knocked at my door and asked
me to come out. My wife said I shod
not come out Then they said I should
and that they would have me. A
Farmer of the name of Edm-d Evans was
in my House at the times; He told them
they ought to be ashamed of themselves
to take an old man out at that time
of night. The Farmer then went
away and told me I had better
go along but I was afraid

[in left margin]
John Fisher
held to bail
for 50£

Geo: Haynes

John Batten
Thos Batten


Edmd Evans
to be summd

Page 2:
I went to the privy and while there
Battens' 2 sons & the Engineer came to me
there and took me down to the Gang
at one Blacksmiths Shop - where there was
no less than 1000 assembled. Some of
them came from the Greyhound and
some from Blackwood & some from
Merthyr. They took me to the crowd and
then I ran away and went to Wm Elias's
the rising Sun I thot. I was safe there
Tom Nailer was there he is a Collier
he asked me where I was going and
said I must go along and laid hold
of me by the collar and forced me
away he took me down into the Crowd
When I got to the Crowd a second time
a Collier named George Tillett told me
that if I did not come I must look
out for myself for there would be an
Eye kept at me. I went along with the
mob as far as Unnis ddu I ran away
from them there into the woods
George Tillett had a gun and a Candle
He saw me go into the wood. He said
if I did not keep along with them
I shod. have the contents of his Gun

[in left margin]
Shop _____ ]

Thos Nailer

Geo Tillett

Geo Tillett
had a Gun
& Candle

Page 3:
He obliged me to go with them. They
took me down with them as far
Quarra Mawr . They knocked up
Strickland and demanded Arms
He said he had none. I saw him at
his door he came down in his Drawers
I asked one of the Girls for a drink of water.
A little below there is another Tram
road coming into the Sirhowy Road
Another Gang came along that road &
joined us That Gang appeared a great
deal larger than ours. They were in
two Bodies When they met they gave
3 cheers and fired two Guns up in
the air. They all then proceeded forward
towards Newport between the machine
and full moon public House I
again attempted to get off & hide
myself when Harry Harris whom
I had before seen at Gellygros came
up to me with a candle in his
hand and sung out " Here is
Furman now". I there saw
George Tillett come up to me
with a Gun in his Hand and said

[in left margin]

Page 4:
to me. I'll be hanged if you don't
come along it will be the worse
for you; One Man at that place
ran away from them and they
fired at him. And George Tillett
said that the first Man that
ran away should be shot. He
seemed to have the Command. I
heard him tell the Men to fall
in and keep their ranks. Then we
went on and every house they
came to they burst open the door
and took away all the Men from
their wives. I saw two Men pulled
out by the Tails of their Shirts.
I saw their wives with nothing
but their Smocks. Roger Aaron
George Tillett was another Henry
Harris was another and the

[in left margin]

Geo Tillett

Roger Aaron
Geo Tillett

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