• Newport Chartists Vol.9, p.63

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Page 1:
George Evans says We
were four when we left Hy Charles
_two one a tiler & plasterer the other y-g Frost
left to go across the fields. Several went
with him who joined us on the top of a
hill this side of the cross - there were about
ten or a dozen I think only one of
them went with young Frost across the
fields. One of the men on the top
of the hill had a gun I saw nothing with
_______The man who came with us from ¢‚¬¦
any of the others. told us -
_________& that he was a tiler & plasterer
he lived at Newport - x He told us that he had been
working at a new shop at Pont Aperpergam
but I do not know that I had ever seen him
stopped on the road to talk with
the men who joined us at the top of the hill -
When we left the men at Harry Charles

Page 2:
Reg John Rupps
Geo Evans
John Morris
v Henry Frost

They were thinking to come on whether the
men at the Blaina joined to them or not
I did not understand that they expected
other men to meet them except the
men at the Blaina I heard nothing
about any men from Pontypool
[join]ing Frost had on a dark great coat
& a cap He talked English
to persons who came with us from Hy Charles
[*] Morris told us he was Jno Frosts
son he told us that his father was with the
men at Harry Charles's I think Frost's
son also said the same

[the right-hand edge of the page is damaged at lines 7-11]
[* presumably ?Jno Morris]

Page 3:
By what I can understand the
Crowd of people mean to be here before day.
John Morris is a Carpenter & works for
David Lewis has done so for 3 months
lodges with MrsWest Commercial Street
went out of the town this even-g after dinner
I went down to Abercarn I don't
like to tell what I went to do at
Abercarn . _________ I was at Abercarn
I wont say at whose house. I cannot
tell when I reached there nor when I left
but I know it was after 12 - I came
back down to thro side of the High
Cross when I overtook the two men who
were with me when I was taken. ______In
going & resting I went along the Canal

Page 4:
the Kevan & the turnpike house. ___ I have
seen no crowds of people - in jo-g[*] or resting
heard no shouting & saw no lights. I saw
about 10 men a little this side of the High
Cross - they wished us good night & we wished
them good night I saw no gun or other arms
with them. The persons who
came with me were some of the eight or ten
men we passed. Several came
with us. Four or five men parted with
us at the fields. I will not [?] be sworn
that I do not know who the men were
who went through the fields


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