• Newport Chartists Vol.9, p.64

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Page 1:

Reg vs Henry ^ Hunt Frost & anr
_______________not in custody

George Evans of Pont Aberpergam
in Monmouthshire Collier works
under Thomas Pointing the Pla¢‚¬¦
Colliery I was at my House at
______________________4 Novr
Home on Sunday Even-g 4
about 7 Oclock a person named
Thomas LLewellin lives near me
is a Collier he came to me about 5 or 6
Ocl-k the same Even-g I and John
Rapps & several of the workmen
were standing together Thos Llewellin
said to us George (meaning me)
you (meaning
& John Rapps ) must come with
us this Evening we have a place
fixed for you I was afraid I thot
if I did not do as Llewellin
ordered that they would kill me
or my Family. He went away
______the same Even-g
about 7 or 8 ^ about 50 men with
Thos Llewellin came
to my House & said come along
& I considered I was forced to go

Page 2:
John Rapps was with us. We
came on to a place called Groes
y cwm maur ^the Angel Beer House~
~there we stopped there
a great number of people
there waiting for more to come
& men kept coming in. We starting
again for Tredegar Road and
came along till we arrived
at Henry Charles's House
the Royal Oak I heard them
say they were going to Newport
I saw men with Guns Pikes
& all manner of things It must
have been about 12 Oclock at
night I stopd about 1/2 an hour.
It was very wet. I went in
to dry myself but cod not do so
I said to John Rapps come let us
come out of this I don' t like it
We won't have any thing to say
to nobody we will leave them

Page 3:
and do the best we can to get away
He got away and walked towards
Newport to get out of their way
 : Just as we started
two young Men started with us
and walked along with us. Whilst~
_ I asked one of the young Men who the other was .
~walking ^ He said
the other young Man was young Henry [Frost]
He had on a great Coat & sort of Cap
Frost ^ I asked him who he was
he said he was a Tiler and Plasterer
at Newport. I know John Frost who
was speaking at Pont Ap[er]per_gam.
about a fortnight or 3 weeks since
at Benjamin Davies's house the Colliers
Arms. I asked Hy Frost and the young man
if they were going to Newport & they
____they were
said . I did not see John Frost
tho' I heard he was with the crowd
we walked together till we came
to a House
fronting Baseleg when they both went
in & I left them. I shod know Henry
Frost by his having a little stutter in
his Speech. When we came the Newport side
of the High cross we met 10 or a doz-n men
coming from Newport to meet us.
We stood for 2 or 3 minutes. Frost and

Page 4:
the young Man stop-d and talked with
^they appeared to know the Men
Henry Frost Rapps & myself afterwards
went on towards to Newport leaving
the other young man talking to the
men & I saw no more of him
the[y] were talking about the young
man not coming on. Hy Frost was
anxious for him to come on
& we stood on the top of the hatch
I said I would
run back and see for him I did
so & saw him still talking to
_____________________by name
the men & when I called him ^ (but
his name I cannot now remember)
& he and the men turned
back towards Newport when they
came to the hatch they turned to
the left and J Rapps Frost and
the young man came on together
till Frost & the young man went
into the Lamb this must be about
2 O clock in the morning & then I came
to Stow Hill Turnpike Gate I & Rapps
were taken into Custody

[overwritten on right of page] George Evans
[bottom r.of page ] George Evans
[in l. margin] 409

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