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Morgan James sworn says - I am a laborer
I live at Pill Gwently. I have
been working at a Coalpit at Fleur de lis . I have joined
the Chartists. I have attended their meetings, I was at
a public meeting on Monday Whitsuntide, last Whitsuntide
the meeting was held at Blackwood. I saw several
thousands of people there. I know John Frost well,
I know Jones the Watchmaker of Pontypool by sight,
they addressed the meeting they spoke and would have -
the Charter by moral force if they could, they would -
have it force if they could not have it by moral force
I attended another meeting at Town's Duke [Dukestown] above Sirhowy
I see Mr. Frost at that meeting, and I saw Jones the
Watchmaker as they call him from Pontypool, they did
speak, they spoke about the same thing as they did
at Blackwood- I returned to the Fleur de lis. I do
return every month to my Home at Pill Gwently - I
did hear it said at some of those meetings that the
working men were not to work for a month - I did not
understand what they did mean by stopping a Month-
I returned home to Pill on Saturday the 2nd November
Instant - I was here at Pill about 12 O'Clock that Day -
I came to Newport that Day- I came into the Town- I was
at Mr. Evans the Grocers Shop that Day too - I know a
man called Jenkin Morgan of Pill, there he is, he do sell
Milk about, I had known him before that Day- I had
conversation with him, he asked me the first thing, how the
Chartists get on there up in the Hills- I said they was more
quiet than what they had been, he was wonder at that, I
told him please to tell me the truth and nothing but the
truth, the people have been very uneasy there since last
Thursday- I mean up in the Hills by Fleur de lis - I was
intend to go up on Sunday to let them know the truth from
here, he said I should not know then, I shall not
know at all, I am going up tomorrow- He said it
was no use for me to go up, he said I should not know

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