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Regina v[ersus] Lewis Rowland
Lewis Lewis - I am Bankman of Coal-
I live at Gellydaeg [Gellydeg]- I went to the
House of William Smith at Maescwmer [Maesycwmmer]
on Friday before the Riots
It is [a] Public House - called the Angel-
I went there at the request of several
people- It was about 8 o'Clock at
night - There were about fifty people
there - I was a Chartist - I
understood this was a Chartist
Meeting - I saw Prisoner Lewis
Rowland there - I saw him writing -
He was writing in a kind of a Copy
Book - Pris[one]r asked me my name -
I said Lewis Lewis - He then wrote
in the Book - I paid five pence -
Prisoner said the money I paid was
four pence for the Chartist Cause and
a penny for the papers - Every other
person in the Room paid - Pris[one]r
received it - Prisoner said
addressing all in the Room - "All
of you that are willing to go down to
Newport hold up your hands" - I
asked him what for - He said for you
to show yourselves - Prisoner
told us to provide ourselves with
weapons - and that all that had
Guns to bring them - and that they
were to take them to Newport - I
knew they were for no good - I said
that before I would go from home
to be Killed I would stay at
home and be killed there - that

Page 2:
I was afraid they were going to Newport
to do mischief - I went into a bad
passion - and said as I went away
I'm going and I would sooner be
killed at home for doing no
Mischief than go to Newport to be
killed for Mischief - I went
home - Thomas Jenkins living at
Maes Cwmer a Member - Richard
Jenkins his Brother - William Williams
living at Gellydaeg - William Thomas
Do [Gellydeg] ________ Edmund Jones
David Williams and others -
were present at the Meeting -
Whilst I was standing on my door
on Sunday the 3rd November last
I saw Prisoner passing down the
Turnpike Road - leading to -
Maescwmer - this was about 1
o'Clock in the afternoon - About
3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon I
saw Jasper Long passing up the
Road - He was a member of the Chartist Society - I asked him what
he thought of the concern meaning
the intended outbreak - He said
he thought it was a foolish plan-
I asked him if he was going - He s[ai]d
he didn't know what to say -
I took a turn as far as the Bryn
& came back Home - I didn't
see Pris[one]r on Sunday not until
10 o'clock on Monday night when

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W[illia]m Williams
W[illia]m Thomas
Edm[un]d Jones
David Williams

Page 3:
I met Prisoner about 300 yards from my
House on the Road - going away from
Newport - I was walking before him &
he came up to me - as he passed
I said I said Well boy you are
come back He said yes - and passed on - I will
swear that he did not say another
word to me - I have not seen
him twice - He had a blue coat on
a darkish Trowsers - It was a rather
dark night - I have not seen
seen him since - Lewis Lewis

Page 4:


Lewis Rowland
Lewis Lewis
Committed for
Sedition 20th Nov[ember] [18]39

The other Wit[nesse]s

All { Lewis Lewis

bound { Jacob Thomas

over { not here
{ Moses Scard

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