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Daniel Evans sworn states I reside in Commercial Street opposite the
Westgate I am a Taylor On Monday the 4th November instant I was standing on my
own Door when the mob came round the corner I saw several hundreds coming round
the Westgate corner from Stow Hill - they were armed with Guns Swords, Stikes and spikes
and different other things that I can find no name for - they came as far as the wide doors
that go into the Westgate Yard, they saw the doors were shut, they reeled back by orders
of a person who had a sword in his hand I believe the man I saw with the sword and
who seemed to take the command was a person called Jack the Fifer I had seen him -
before the mob appeared to obey that man. They came up to the Westgate door and
immediately fired it was at the front door, where the portico is they fired into the
passage I did not then see a man with a Wooden Leg in the Mob I did see a man
with a Wooden Leg in the Mob during the firing that man was armed with a
Gun.I should know that man again, I believe the prisoner at the Bar to be that Man
to the best of my knowledge. He had a kind of Fustian or flannel Jacket or coat
on. I cant tell which because I was so excited at seeing him, charging so deliberately
I saw him firing into the Westgate window, the furthest from here to the nearest to the
Yard Gate first into the upper windows of a room which was used to be called the
Billiard Room, it is the room over that in which the Soldiers were placed the Soldiers
had then showed themselves I saw him load his Gun again after he had fired the
first time I saw him fire again he then fired into the lower window of the Westgate
where the Soldiers were, his charge took the side wall, there is a piece of the -
plastering off where the charge struck he then ran down the pavement
by Mr. Hambey [?]s' house down Commercial Street [*]. He had the Gun in his hand-
While he was so running - the Soldiers had fired before I saw him running away
there was two or three lying dead then, when I saw him running, the prisoner
appeared to be as active as others that were in the mob, that man was about the
height and appearance of the prisoner at the Bar, I do believe the prisoner at the
Bar is the same man I saw then - I should be better satisfied if I saw him in the
same dress he had then on. It is my opinion the prisoner is the same man I -
should take it to be between nine and ten o'clock when I saw him he came out from
the Westgate Yard when I saw him first there is a little Door in the large Door for
the foot passengers I believe he came out of the little Door - If persons getting into the
Westgate Inn wishing to make their escape, they would get out through those Gates -
there is but one other way as I do know of for them to get out, it was after he came
from that door that he fired when he fired I was in the upper room of my house
at about Twenty Yards distance from him I did not see more than one man in the
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